Xiaomi QiCycle Folding Electric Bicycle

Xiaomi QiCycle Folding Electric Bicycle

Riding through the city, freedom beyond your imagination

CCC Certificate | Three Riding Mode | 40KM Riding Endurance | Large Size Light-sensitive Display


Built-in lithium battery


20″ wheel diameter


Easy to ride even without electricity

Aluminum alloy frame is light and flexible, easy to travel all the way

The geometry of the frame built in proportion to the Chinese figure makes riding comfortable and worry-free. The whole bicycle is small and flexible, it can be moved easily when encountering steps, and it can be moved around in a small space. The 20-inch wheel diameter suitable for urban cycling enables the bicycle to have excellent passability and can confidently cross the bumpy road.

Multi-mode hybrid power, worry-free battery life, ensures you to see more scenery

Pure electric riding, easy and relaxed

Turn the throttle lever to enter the pure electric riding mode and immediately enjoy the agility and convenience of an electric bike.

Assist riding, elegant and effortless

The power-assisted mode amplifies your pedaling power, three gears can be switched freely, and the 2nd gear power-assisted riding distance can reach 40km, which can easily challenge a longer riding distance.

1st gear economic mode
Low power consumption, long battery life


2nd gear balance mode
Take into account the power and battery life


3rd gear enhanced mode
Strong power and fast acceleration

Fitness mode, burn your calories

It can also ride like a bicycle under zero-assistance conditions. It is suitable for exercise and fitness.

Light-sensitive display, clear data at a glance

The big screen displays driving information in real time and screen brightness is automatically adjusted, so you can see clearly during the day and not dazzling at night.

Integrated handlebar, simplifying the circuit and wiring

The innovative handlebar structure combines the left and right power-off brake signal lines, meter data communication line, throttle line, and control bus into one design.

Innovative multi-cavity frame, separate warehouse design to ensure safety

The sturdy multi-cavity integrated 6061 lightweight aluminum alloy frame uses CNC technology and minimizes welding details to achieve a minimalist appearance and support strong power output. The wiring and battery in the sub-bin do not interfere with each other, protecting the safety of travel every kilometer.

Scientific power management, better safety performance

Adopt BMS power management system to ensure the safety of charging and riding.

Centralized lighting system, the switch is at your fingertips

High brightness LED headlights

When riding on a poorly lit road, turn on the bright headlights to illuminate the way home at night.

Rear tail light

When you squeeze the brake handle, the brake lights will be bright, reminding pedestrians and vehicles behind to keep enough distance, regardless of day or night, caring guardianship makes riding safer.

Connected to Mijia APP, view exercise data at any time

Connect to Mijia APP to display and record data such as riding speed, mileage, and remaining power etc.


Support function expansion, applicable to many scenarios

There are many screw holes reserved, and you can choose the baskets, shelves and other accessories according to your needs. So you can create a multi-functional and powerful electric bicycle for high-profile travel.


Basic information

Name: QiCycle electric bicycle
Model: TDP02Z
N.W.: 18 kgs
Size: 1530*205*1040mm

Riding requirements

Maximum load: about 100kg
Applicable age: 14-60 years old
Applicable height: 130-200cm

Main parameters

Maximum speed: about 25km/h
Typical battery life: about 40km
Applicable terrain: parks, square communities, most flat roads or ordinary asphalt, asphalt roads
Working environment temperature: -10℃—40℃
Storage temperature: -10℃—50℃
Protection level: IPX4
Charging time: about 4 hours


Maximum charging voltage: 42V⎓
Rated voltage: 36V⎓
Rated capacity: 5200mAh
Charging temperature: 0℃-40℃
Smart BMS: overcharge protection, overheat protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection


Rated power: 180w


Input voltage: 100-240V ~
Output voltage: 42V
Output power: 84W
Output current: 2A

Wheels & Tires

Wheels: 20 inches
Tires: Rubber pneumatic tires
Tire pressure: 40~65 psi
Center distance between front and rear wheels: 1014mm

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