Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter 1S

Xiaomi Mijia electric kick scooter 1S

Fashionable style, outstanding performance

30km super long endurance

25 km/h max speed

Visualized dashboard

Double brake system

500W max power motor

25km/h speed, 14% grade ability

BMS intelligent management system

Lithium battery lasts longer with higher safety

30km super long endurance

Top brand lithium battery cell ensures longer battery life

Smart Mijia App

Turn on the cruise control function, the more you ride, the better you ride

Double brake system

Effectively reactive, quickly brake

High-strength aluminum alloy body

Maximum load up to 100kg, more safer for riding

Visualized interactive dashboard

Knowing driving information at a glance

Perfect after-sales service

Retailer shops and distributors all over the world

500W powerful motor performance

The pleasure of galloping comes from the high-performance Hall brush-less DC motor. The power is immediately sprayed out even when you slightly press the throttle.


Max power


Grade ability


Max speed

3000 hours

Motor life

Switchable three speed modes

Energy-saving mode (ECO) Standard mode (D) Sports mode (S), you only need to press the switch button twice to complete the switch, which can easily cope with different riding environments.

High safety lithium battery

Top brand high-quality powerful lithium battery, high-rate high-power power supply, effective and direct speed-up, full battery ensures driving up to 30 kilometers.

Energy recovery system

The smart energy recovery system can recover electricity from riding deceleration and braking

BMS smart battery management system

With more than 300 million pieces of lithium battery management experience and 7-year technical iteration, each battery has more accurate power, longer life and higher safety. This is the resident “Lithium Battery Safety Management Expert” in the scooter, always guarding your scooter safety.

Short circuit protection

Over-current protection

Overcharging double protection

Over-discharging double protection

Temperature abnormal protection

Under voltage protection

Facial attractiveness: exquisite interaction, ingenious design

We not only pursue performance, but also pay attention to appearance. Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter 1S continues the previous classic design, and adds a visual interactive dashboard. And the practicality and aesthetics is upgraded again. Riding it will make you more attractive.

Interactive muti-functional dashboard, one button for multiple functions

Self-inspection of vehicle conditions at power-on, if there is a fault, the “maintenance” icon will automatically light up, and you will see it immediately; in the driving state, real-time vehicle speed, power and other information are clear at a glance; minimalist operation logic, one button can complete all driving operations, and you can learn how to use it after one time usage.

Classic folding design, fold it up in 3 seconds

Innovative folding design scheme, cleverly combining the bell hanging structure and the rear fender hook, the folding process can be realized in three simple steps. The folded scooter is small in size and can be placed in the trunk of the car or in the corner of the office.

Large-size shock-absorbing tires

The 8.5-inch large-size tires made of selected rubber mixed materials have better shock absorption and obstacle passing ability than ordinary 6.5-inch tires. It can easily cross speed bumps and effectively cope with rough roads.

Lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy scooter body

The high-cost aluminum alloy material has a weight of about one-third that of steel, but its strength per unit density is 1.3 times that of steel, and it has both good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance ability.

700 KGS

Static pressure bearing

100 KGS

Max driving load

Lightweight scooter body, heavy load bearing

After thousands of CAE simulation analysis, the frame structure is adjusted to be both light and reliable. The whole scooter weighs only 12.5kg, but has a safe load of 100kg ! Lightweight body, ladies can also lift up and down stairs, portable and practical.

Smart Mijia App

On the Mijia APP, you can also learn about novice teaching, perform firmware upgrades, check riding posture, etc., through the intelligent linkage with Mijia App, make your scooter another important puzzle in IOT life.

Product Parameters





Tire size:



Approx. 12.5kg

Aerospace-grade aluminum

8.5 inches

White, Black


Max speed:

Motor rated power:

Max instantaneous power:

Motor control mode:

15-25 km/h ( ECO: 15km/h, D: 20km/h, S: 25km/h )



Sine-wave vector and current control + closed loop speed control

Max incline:

Applicable terrain:

Pedal board height:


Approx. 14°

Cement, asphalt, flat soil pavements, bumps or steps less than 1cm high, less than 3cm wide

Approx. 87.5mm

IP54 dirt, dust and splash resistance


Power structure:

Travel distance:

Charger rated power:

Charger rated input voltage:

Battery voltage limit:

Charging time:

Smart power management:

Standard power consumption:

30 x 18650mAh lithium battery units

30 km


100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz


Approx. 5 hours

Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging.

1.1kWh per 100km


Braking distance:

Braking method:

Tire material:

4m on dry flat asphalt

Regenerative + disc braking

Inflatable rubber tires




Power indicator:

Mode indicator:

1.1W ultra-bright headlights, 6m range

LED taillights

4 LED indicators

Located under the power button. White for normal mode, green for power-saving mode


Power-saving mode:

Recommended age:

Recommended height:

Max load:

Max speed 15km/h, with more gentle accelerations for beginners

16 – 50 years old

120 – 200cm


Package contents

Electric scooter, power adapter, Allen key, tire pump nozzle, 4 Allen screws

1. 30km long-distance range on a single full charge measured under the following conditions: 75kg load, 25°C weather temperatures, flat road without strong winds, power saving mode, and 15km/h constant speeds. Results may vary based on different weight loads, temperature, wind speed, operating habits, and other factors.
2. Power consumption is estimated at 0.335kWh based on electricity metering equipment. 100km standard power consumption calculation: Power required for a single full charge (0.335kWh) ÷ typical mileage (30km) x 100km.
3. 4-meter braking distance measured at 20km/h speeds, 20°C weather temperatures, 75kg load, tire pressure of 35 PSI, and on flat dry asphalt.

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