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Smart scrolling | Powerful suction | Remote control | High capacity battery

An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner without comparison ``Let me introduce myself ...``



Multi-sensory technology, including LDSVersatile scrolling and mapping with artificial intelligenceMulti-sensory technology, including LDSAutomatic cleaning resume


High-powered vacuum cleanerBrush for dynamic speed cornersFloating main brush10mm wall proximity


Sophisticated design5200 mAh high capacity batteryl Smart remote controlMap to see status in real time

``He is so smart, you will forget that he is a robot.``

My smart ride lays out the most efficient route so you can clean every last corner

To think like a human being, my sensors generate a lot of data that must be constantly synchronized and analyzed by three different “brains” or central processing units. Then I apply a simultaneous mapping and location algorithm (SLAM) to process all the data quickly and detect the location and navigate my environments efficiently, all in real time. First, I establish a map of the area with separate zones by tracing the perimeter of the room and cleaning following the walls. Then, I end by scrolling through each area in a Z-shaped pattern to ensure complete and effective coverage.


Laser distance sensor (LDS)


Various sensors that work together


Three separate processors


Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

My eye-like sensor allows me to accurately detect my surroundings

High precision laser distance sensor

To accurately detect my proximity to objects, I have “eyes” that are a laser distance sensor (LDS) that scans my environment 360 degrees five times per second. As soon as my laser detects an obstacle, I can “see” it immediately, just like a human’s eye. Meanwhile, my image sensor allows me to instantly calculate the distance of the laser distance sensor based on pixel count. *

Explore 360º five times per second

Calculate distance 1800 times per second

Precise determination of range up to 6 meters

Margin of error ≤2%

Three minds are better than one!

My smart “brain” consists of three different processors that allow me to think like a human being simply, gives me the ability to collect, process, and use sensor data to map each room and plan an efficient cleaning path, and all in real time.

Allwinner ARM Cortex ™ -A7 Quadcore Processor

Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

STMicroelectronics chipset ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller

My long-range sensors allow me to navigate even the most difficult environments

Each home has a unique layout and obstacles, but I always manage to get around. My sensors encompass those used in dozens of other leading robot vacuums, which means I can operate in any environment imaginable.
Meanwhile, at just 9.6 cm tall, my compact size allows me to reach every corner with ease and grace.

Innovative industry leading SLAM algorithm

Simultaneous localization and mapping, or “SLAM,” is the same technology used in NASA’s Mars Explorer, Google’s driverless vehicles, and other cutting-edge applications. SLAM allows me to perform calculations with great precision based on distance information obtained from the laser distance sensor and a combination of gyroscope direction data, odometer data, and accelerometer data to then map the rooms in time real and accurately determine my location, resulting in highly accurate offset.

I trace my own path to achieve cleaning efficiency

With the SLAM algorithm, I plot areas on the map with separate zones, then compute the most efficient way to clean each area. With my sensors working at the same time, I can quickly identify the layout of a room, including furniture and other obstacles, and plan my cleaning journey on the move. In order to ensure optimal cleaning performance and efficiency, I start cleaning by following the walls to trace the perimeter and zoning the area, then finish using a Z-pattern to achieve maximum cleaning efficiency.

Automatic Docking, Recharging, and Resuming Cleaning - Relax while I do the dirty work!

With my laser distance sensor, I can explore my surroundings to
accurately identify the location of my charging base. When I have finished vacuuming each
room, I automatically calculate the fastest route to return to the charging base.
And best of all, if my energy level drops to less than 20% in the
middle of a job, then I automatically go back to the charging base, and charge
up to 80%, then resume cleaning from where I left off.

Automatic coupling

Automatic cleaning resume

``I'm not just smart, I'm also a great vacuum cleaner!``

Do you want to treat the floor as a new floor? I am the robot you are looking for

In addition to being a “smart” robot, I am also a good helper for cleaning. The whole machine floats and fits the ground, and the powerful high static pressure fan can effectively suck dust. At the same time, it can easily suck up floating soil dust, hair and debris with side brush sweeping, rolling brush vertical scrolling and other three-dimensional sweeping systems, and it can also clean the floor deeply and dust in the cracks of the floor tiles. With the Mi Robot vacuum cleaner, you can walk barefoot and enjoy a clean and tidy floor easily!

Powerful vacuum

Floating main brush

Dynamic corner brush

Powerful suction force reliably picks up dirt and debris

My genuine NIDEC (Japan) brushless motor allows me to achieve a maximum airflow of 0.67 cubic meters per minute with a suction pressure of up to 1800 Pa. * This extraordinarily powerful airflow results in fast and Effectively removes dirt and dust from floors and carpets,
providing stunning cleaning results.


* Measured by Roborock Tech Lab. When operating at extreme speed under normal conditions, the unit can achieve a maximum suction pressure of approximately 1800 Pa.

With its superior cleaning edge, areas along the walls are never overlooked.

One of the biggest headaches when vacuuming is cleaning the edges of the walls, which often have crevices that cannot be fully vacuumed. However, thanks to the special wall sensor, I can reduce the gap to as little as 10mm, and my high-speed corner brush helps me remove dirt and dust completely along the walls and baseboards, ensuring that every inch of the house receives the attention it deserves.

``Besides being smart and having great energy, I'm also confident, I have style and I was made to last.``

I present a lustrous and clean look for people who love neatness and order

My modular design consists of seven parts finished in pure white for a simple, yet elegant appearance. At a height of just 9.6cm, I can easily move in all kinds of tight spaces, and my top cover is constructed from high-quality IMR plastic, which has great tactile sensitivity and a shiny, glossy look. My edges are also made of high strength, impact resistant ABS plastic, making me extremely resistant to wear and tear. As for the rest, I have a subtle matte finish that is not only easy on the eye, but also helps me avoid marks and scratches. The charging dock was also made from V-0 rated flame retardant plastic for added safety.

Strong, powerful and rugged Powered by a long-life, high-capacity battery

Mi Robot Vacuum is powered by a 18650 5200 mAh LG / Panasonic lithium polymer battery that allows up to a maximum of 2.5 hours of standard operation on a single charge, which is enough to vacuum a surface of about 250 m² * and a specially designed constant current, constant voltage (CC / CV) charging mechanism ensures that the battery has a stable depth of discharge (DOD), giving it a useful life of up to two years. In addition to the extended battery life, the automatic docking function makes it very convenient to meet different cleaning needs in different home environments.

* Roborock Tech Lab data obtained during cleaning tests on hardwood floors.

My battery is designed to deliver the reliable and safe performance you can count on.

My battery is embedded in a stainless steel cover and has two internal protective devices, the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and the Current Cutoff Device (CID). A premium charge and discharge control chip is also used for the battery pack and power adapter for maximum precision, and the battery pack has an advanced skid plate that is equipped with primary and secondary shield chips. The battery pack protection panel is designed with user safety as a priority and includes protection against overcharge, over discharge, overheating, temperature level below desired, short circuit.

Overload protection

Over discharge protection

Temperature protection

Short circuit protection

Overcurrent protection

Dual surge protection

With the smart remote control, you can tell me to start working even when no one is home.

With the Mi Home app, you can check my current status in real time and even view a live map to track my progress. In addition, you can set scheduled cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming while you are at work. That way, you can go home clean and fresh after a hard day’s work. In addition to three useful modes to choose from (silent, standard, and turbo) the Mi Home app can remind you to replace components when appropriate to ensure optimal performance. With one-click commands and advanced smart controls like these, your life couldn’t be easier. *


Total cleanliness

Return to the charging base

Tested and proven for reliability and maximum service life

1500 hours

Lifetime test in continuous operation

1,500 times

Lid open and close test

-5 ° C to 40 ° C

High / low temperature test

300,000 times

Collision Absorber Life Test

1,500 times

Dust compartment opening and closing test

2,000 hours

Suction fan reliability test

10,000 times

Test button life under extreme conditions

10,000 times

Reliability test of load contacts

50 G

Impact test

Barrier tape provides an effective and safe barrier to keep the unit out of unwanted areas.

The Mi Robot Vacuum barrier tape gives you control of where the Mi Robot Vacuum is going. The low-profile barrier tape (25mm wide and 2mm high) can be attached to either side of the house. The barrier tape has a surface magnetic flux density of up to 300 gauss that allows the unit’s electronic compass to easily identify and avoid barrier tapes .

Product Parameters

Main Unit

Item Dimensions:



Wireless Connection:

Nominal voltage:

Nominal energy:

345 mm x 345 mm x 96 mm

14.4 V / 5200 mAh lithium battery

aprox. 3,8 kg

smart Wi-Fi connection

14.4 V

55 W

Charging Base

External dimensions:

Nominal energy:

Nominal input voltage:

Rated output power:

Nominal frecuency:

230mm x 109 mm x 129 mm

55 W

100 – 240 V

20V20 V 2.2 A

50 / 60 Hz

Main Unit

Charging Base



The unit does not turn on.

The unit has no battery and must be recharged on the charging base. The ambient temperature is too low (less than 0ºC) or too high (above 50ºC). The unit can only be used in temperatures between 0 and 40 ºC.

The device does not recharge.

The charging base is not plugged in. Confirm that both ends of the power cord are properly plugged in. Poor contact. Clean the contacts on the charging base and the vacuum.

The device does not return to
the charging base.

There are too many obstacles around the charging base. Place the charging base in a more open area. The unit is too far from the charging base. Move the unit closer to the charging base and try again.

The device behaves

Turn off the vacuum and then restart it.

The device makes a strange noise when cleaning.

A foreign object may be caught in the main brush, corner brush, or wheel. Stop and clean the device.

The vacuum cleaner no longer cleans as effectively or leaves dust.

A foreign object may be caught in the main brush, corner brush, or wheel. Stop and clean the device.

Won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi signal is weak. Make sure the unit is in an area with good Wi-Fi coverage. Something is wrong with the Wi-Fi connection. Restart Wi-Fi and download the latest Mi Home app, then try to reconnect.

Scheduled cleaning does not occur .

.The device has a low battery and will only start scheduled cleaning after it has more than 20% power.

Does the device always consume power when left on the charging base?

Leaving the device in the charging base when fully charged consumes very little power and helps maintain optimal battery performance.

Does the device need to be fully charged for 16 hours the first three times it is used?

Lithium batteries do not have a “memory effect” and can be recharged as desired. There is no need to wait 16 hours before using the device after it has been fully charged.

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