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This is a newly launched kart, called Gokart Pro, which can bring people a faster and more interesting experience. Compared to its predecessor, Ninebot Gokart, the Pro has a top speed of 23mph, which is an increase of nearly 64%. And the battery life has also increased, and it can travel 15.5 kilometers on a single charge. Gokart pro also has a battery similar to power integration, with 4 air ducts and a capacity of 432Wh which means that the performance is greatly improved.

  • Ninebot S Detachable
  • 96Nm Max Torque
  • 1.02G Max. Acceleration
  • 15% Hill Grade
  • APP Control
  • Height Range: 51″ to 75″
  • Top Speed 23 mph
  • 15.5 Mile Long Distance
  • Driving Modes: 4.97mph safety mode, 11.2mph novice mode, 17.4mph sports mode and 23.0mph track mode.

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