Segway Ninebot Electric Balance Scooter

Segway Ninebot Balance Scooter

Cool gadget for young people, either riding or remote control

Mini portable design,
15 safety technologies,
Easy to master in 3 minutes,
22 kilometers long battery life.

Make every travel become an expectation

Life is a playground, we should all make a break. The kingfishers in the park are crying, the morning breeze in the playground is blowing…Don’t wait, let the Segway Ninebot balance scooter be your wings, and set off now! Step on it and immediately feel the magic of technology. It can automatically help you maintain your balance, and you can move forward if you just lean forward. High-performance, advanced control algorithms, numerous sensors and high-performance processors make it flexible and easy to drive, and can easily cope with common road conditions. The driving distance of up to 22km allows you to have fun. The control of the scooter moving with your mind, the speed of flying, all these beautiful feelings, make you look forward to the next riding.

3 Minutes

Master how to drive

4 Times

Walking speed

15 Degrees

Climbing abilities


Long driving endurance


LED flashing light

Master a new skill in 3 minutes

After receiving the Segway Ninebot balance scooter, you must be in a hurry. It doesn’t matter, it is very easy to use.We deliberately designed its operation to be simpler, so that it does not require long-term practice like a unicycle. Getting in the scooter is as simple as going up the steps, and you can easily control it with a little adaptation. The reason why it can walk flexibly according to your intentions is that it is equipped with many sophisticated sensors that continuously capture the tiny movements of your body and dynamically adjust the scooter posture at a speed of 200 times per second to maintain balance. The innovative Leansteer® leg control steering rod is different from ordinary balance scooters that require both hands to control the direction. It can analyze the leg motion and control the direction, making driving easier and more stable. It takes a few minutes to get started, and you can master it with a little practice. Ride on the Segway Ninebot balance scooter and show your friends the new skills!

Getting in the scooter




Climbing gentle slope


Overcoming small obstacles

4 times of walking speed

High performance 700 watt DC powered dual electric motors

You must be hard to imagine, this little guy with only 12.8 kg has such a performance, the speed can reach 16 km/hour. Its performance lies not only in allowing you to experience 4 times of the walking speed, but also in its excellent stability and dynamic balance performance. It can easily climb even 15-degree steep slopes or small obstacles.

Strong, practical, and stable come from the high-performance configuration. The total output power of the two DC powered motors is 700 watts, which is almost the power of an electric motorcycle, not to mention that it has the advantages of low noise and maintenance-free. We like to call the continuous power “surging”, just like your heart is surging at the moment of riding.


Rated power, dual motors


Comfortable speed


Maximum torque

Stronger road adaptability

15 degree steep slope climbing without pressure, small obstacles passing through in a ease

The fun of starting is not only a yearning for a flat road, but also a challenge for a rugged road. It is not easy for a balance scooter to drive on slopes or to pass small obstacles smoothly. It is difficult to ensure balance and safety by relying solely on high-performance motors. To this end, engineers carefully designed the “dynamic power algorithm”, which can automatically identify small obstacles or slopes, and dynamically adjust the instantaneous power according to the current road conditions .

When encountering small obstacles, the electric motor will temporarily increase the power and enhance the stability of the scooter so that you can pass comfortably. The 9cm high chassis is an ultra-high standard in a balance scooter, supplemented by a well-designed “shock-absorbing foot pad” that can significantly reduce bumps and vibrations. Not to mention the IP54 dust-proof and waterproof rating, which enables it to drive in drizzle. The stronger road adaptability allows us to have a small adventure that just walks away.

Beauty from safety

Inductive LED flashing light

Considering the driving safety in the dark environment, the designer refers to the car lighting system and equips the Segway Ninebot balance scooter with automatic driving lights and LED tail lights. The front automatic driving lights can illuminate the road ahead to facilitate understanding of road conditions. It can adjust the brightness according to the external light, and the irradiation distance can reach up to 5 meters. The two LED tail lights are blue by default, the red brake lights are on when decelerating, and the yellow turn lights can indicate the direction when turning.
Safety is the original intention of the design, but beauty is unexpected. When you step on the Segway Ninebot balance scooter, the headlight system makes you handsome and dazzling, and the lights naturally reflect to the ground, as if you are walking towards the stage with a spotlight. What’s even more cool is that you can decide the color of the taillight yourself, and you can customize 16 million colors at will, and the rate of return is not generally high!

Try ``Unmanned Driving``! Bluetooth remote control, transformed into an oversized remote control scooter

There are two ways to play the Segway Ninebot balance scooter. In addition to driving, you can also remotely control it through the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. The mobile phone is the remote controller. The 360° steering bar can flexibly adjust the speed and direction of the scooter. You can even use it to deliver gifts to friends, or remotely control it to play with cute pet dogs, and use multiple balance scooters with friends to have a “robot contest”. Let’s explore more new ways to play together.

22km super long driving range

You will be surprised when you learn that such a small balance scooter can last up to 22 kilometers. To maintain high performance and long battery life, ordinary batteries cannot solve the problem. Equipped with a high-quality 18650 lithium power battery pack designed for high performance, the technology is more advanced, up to 1200 watts of continuous discharge.

Long-term battery life is not only dependent on the battery itself, but an advanced intelligent BMS battery management system is essential. It can monitor the health status of each battery in real time and automatically distribute the load when the battery is low. More importantly, the smart BMS system can inform you the health status of the battery pack through your mobile phone, and promptly remind you once a problem occurs to ensure safe driving. The fun is not only a little bit, it can play longer and go further.

Intelligent self-learning, the more you ride, the better you feel

There is also a “black technology” in the Segway Ninebot balance scooter. As you continue to improve your driving skills, the Segway Ninebot balance scooter is also working hard to improve itself.
Based on the intelligent self-learning algorithm created by Segway & Ninebot’s more than ten years of experience, it tracks your driving data through built-in weight sensors, attitude sensors, speed sensors, temperature sensors, and current sensors, automatically analyzes and adjusts control parameters, and improves your sense of control and safety.

Mobile phone smart management, it's the scooter key and also your scooter assistant

The Segway Ninebot balance scooter can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The mobile phone is your scooter key. After you lock the scooter with your mobile phone, move the balance scooter not only the scooter will vibrate and the horn will alarm, but the mobile phone will also receive an alarm notification. It is also your scooter dashboard, which can display the current vehicle speed on your phone. Through the Bluetooth remote control function, the balance scooter can be turned into a remote control scooter. Built-in vehicle condition diagnosis function, if there is an abnormality, it will automatically alarm and provide solutions. You can also upgrade the balance scooter through your mobile phone, or make personalized settings such as speed limit.

Light, small and portable

Weighs only 12.8kg, small enough to fit easily in the trunk

When designing the Segway Ninebot balance scooter, we wanted it to be light and small, so that you can lift it up easily and put it in the trunk of the car. Lightweight, portable, sturdy and high-performance, this requirement is very high. Engineers searched for answers from aerospace materials. After comparing titanium alloy, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, they finally chose magnesium alloy as the main skeleton. This material is also used in the space shuttle, which is ultra-light and strong, making the Ninebot balance scooter weigh only 12.8kg under such performance.

The clever design is also reflected in every detail. The top of the leg control lever can be used as a handle for easier movement. Such a lightweight and portable balance scooter must be a frequent gadget in your trunk. Don’t forget to bring it for weekend outings!

Anti-skid vacuum tires, magnesium alloy wheels were used together in a balance scooter!

A good horse should be equipped with a good saddle. Tires and wheels are very important to the safety and comfort of the scooter. Therefore, engineers insisted on equipping the Segway Ninebot balance scooter with better vacuum tires and alloy wheels. The 10.5-inch vacuum anti-skid tire has significantly improved stability and passing ability compared to the common 6-8 inch solid tires. With the tire pattern designed by engineering calculations, it has better anti-skid and shock absorption effects during driving.

Aviation grade magnesium alloy skeleton

It needs to be small and light, but also strong and durable. The process is very difficult. The ultra-light and more robust magnesium alloy is used as the fuselage frame, and the strength of the fuselage is designed and checked according to aircraft standards. Finally, the magnesium alloy frame weighing only 0.6kg can withstand higher static compression load. It also has the characteristics of large elasticity, good heat dissipation, and stronger shock absorption. Its impact load capacity is higher than that of common aluminum alloys. At the same time, it uses a special surface coating to improve corrosion resistance and has passed the salt spray environment corrosion test. There is a strong physique under the small body of the Segway Ninebot balance scooter, which provides strong support for your exploration.

15 layers of security

Since the first day we invented the balance scooter, safety has been our most important issue. Segway & Ninebot has 16 years of safety technology and data accumulation in the field of balance scooters, as many as more than 400 patented technologies, making the Segway Ninebot balance scooter superior in terms of safety. For example, the patented technology of “pick up and stop when the scooter is turn on” automatically stops the motor when you pick it up to avoid injury caused by wheel rotation. The “stop on the ground” technology can automatically stop the balance scooter after falling to the ground to prevent loss of control and injury.

Through the seismic reliability test, the shock-absorbing performance has reached military-grade standards, so that it can still run smoothly on rugged and bumpy roads. The Segway Ninebot balance scooter has passed more than 50 rigorous professional tests, so you will be full of confidence and brave when you step on it. Of course, no matter how perfect the safety guarantee is, you also need to raise your awareness of safe driving and avoid driving in areas where people and vehicles are concentrated and motorized lanes .

 “pick up and stop” protection

“stop on the ground” protection

Over-limit alarm and speed reduction

Anti-slip vacuum tires

Disaster tolerance design

Fault alarm and black box

Power-on security self-test

Intelligent battery monitoring

Cool gadget eveyone loves, you must also want one

We are the inventor of the balance scooter

Segway & Ninebot is the inventor of the balance scooter. It was invented and designed by the research and development company DEKA of inventor Dean Kamen. Segway is the name of balance scooter. In 2005, the President of the United States presented the Segway as a gift to the Prime Minister of Japan. It also appeared on the stage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a high-tech smart scooter for security personnel. In addition, it is also used in large spaces such as airports, high-end communities and sports venues.

Dean Kamen has a heart to change the world. He once told the media: “It is only a matter of time before each of the 6 billion people in the world owns a balance scooter.”

Today, this wish is one step closer. The brand-new Segway Ninebot balance scooter, with 16 years of R&D experience of Segway & Ninebot, brings a compact and easy-to-use balance scooter to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of technology.


Basic Information

Name: Ninebot Balance Scooter
Size: 54.8(L)*26(W)*59.5(H)cm
Net Weight: 12.8 kgs


Riding Requirements

Maximum load: 85 kgs
Applicable ages: 16-50 years old
Applicable height: 120-200cm

Main parameters

Maximum speed: about 16km/h.
Typical endurance: about 22km.
Maximum climbing degree: about 15%.
Applicable terrain: parks, square communities, most flat roads or ordinary asphalt and asphalt roads.
Working environment temperature: -10℃—40 ℃
Storage temperature: -10℃—50℃
Protection level: IP54
Charging time: about 4 hours


Maximum voltage: 63V⎓
Rated voltage: 54.8V⎓
Rated capacity: 4300mAh
Charging temperature: 0℃-40℃
Smart BMS: overcharge protection, overheat protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection


Rated power: 700w ( 350w*2 DC powered motor )


Input voltage: 100—240V ~
Output voltage: 63V
Output power: 70W

Wheels & Tires

Tires: 10.5 inches low-pressure vacuum rubber tires
Wheels: 6 inches magnesium alloy light weighted alloy wheels

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