Deerma Vacuum Cleaner VC20 Plus

Product: Deerma Vacuum Cleaner
Model: VC 20 Plus (upgraded version)
Material: ABS, PC
Rated voltage: 14.4V
Rated power: 150W
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Dust tank capacity: 0.6L
Time of endurance: 30 minutes (standard mode), 18 minutes (strong suction mode)
Charging Time: About 4 Times
Noise: 75dB and less
Suction: 8kPa and more (strong suction mode)
Product weight: Approx.1.85 kg/65.26oz/4.09lb
Product Size: Approx. 115.0*23.5*17.5cm/45.28*9.25*6.89in
Package weight: Approx.2.55kg/89.95oz/5.62lb
Package size: Approx. 77.00 x 21.00 x 17.50 cm / 30.31 x 8.27 x 6.89 inches

Package Lists:
1 * Main Machine
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Extension Tube
1 * Floor Brush
1 * 2-in-1 Flat Brush
1 * Edge Small Cleaning Brush
1 * Manual

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