Segway Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter Air T15

Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15

Ultra-portable kick scooter from the future


Won the 2017 German iF Design Award


Fast folding in 1 second


10.5kg ultra lightweight design


Aerospace grade high-quality magnesium alloy scooter body


Step-control innovative intelligent interaction

When technology meets aesthetics

1 second folding, super convenient

The Ninebot electric scooter Air T15 uses a self-developed brand new folding mechanism, which can achieve 1 second ultra-fast folding. When folded, the handle rotates and folds accordingly. After folding, the whole car becomes slim and compact and easy to store.

Ultra lightweight design, aviation-grade magnesium alloy scooter body

Including the frame, 90% of the metal parts of the scooter are made of aviation magnesium alloy materials, and the total weight of the scooter is only 10.5kg. The lightweight, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy not only makes the scooter body lighter, but also stronger and more reliable.

Small in size, easy to put in the trunk

The whole scooter is compact, only 1024x202x223mm when folded, and there is still plenty of space after it is put in the trunk.

No need to pick up, towing more effortless

After being folded, it can be dragged, no need to be picked up, and even ladies can easily handle it.

Stand upright storage, more friendly to space

The cushioning material in the packing box can not only help the scooter to be parked upright, but also can hold the charger, save indoor space and make the environment more tidy.

Innovative interaction, lightly step on, get everything done

In order to provide a better driving experience, the Ninebot electric scooter Air T15 uses a more ingenious and scientific human-computer interaction design realizes driving control by “stepping on” the fender. Free your hands and riding freely.

Lightly step on to turn on


Step on for 3 seconds to shut down


Step on to brake


Step twice to switch speed mode


Single step to turn on/off headlights

Unique design solid science fiction style appearance

Large screen without borders, simple and stylish

The entire control panel of the Ninebot electric scooter Air T15 is almost an entirely screen, which is extremely simple and full of design sense.

Colorful ambient light, the color changes as you like

The linear colorful ambient lights make the front face of the Ninebot electric scooter Air T15 look slimmer and slender. The color of the ambient light can also be customized through the mobilephone APP, and the personality is up to you.

Hidden headlights, shining and brightening

2.5W high-brightness lens-type headlight, the illumination distance can reach 10 meters. When the headlights are off, it will be integrated with the black scooter body, and the visual effect will be more integrated.

Surrounding taillights, eye-catching and more pleasing

The linear taillight design, which is more common in high-end cars, has a larger visible angle, which is not only more eye-catching at night, but also adds bright color to the appearance of the whole scooter.

Multifunctional scooter support, integrated design

The hidden scooter support is integrated with the body when stowed, without destroying the overall feeling. After putting down the scooter support, the charging port is immediately exposed for charging. The support has the function of a protective cover for the charging port, and is ingeniously designed to achieve two goals.

The configuration is excellent, and the driving experience is not inferior

21700 automotive-grade power lithium battery, smart upgrade, safe and reliable.

In order to create a slimmer body, we chose the 21700 automotive-grade power lithium battery with a higher energy density. With the support of the new intelligent BMS system created by Segway-Ninebot with 7 years of technology accumulation, the work of the lithium battery is safer and more reliable.

Intelligent lithium battery management system




UL2271 Certificate

250 Watts high performance motor, mini size, strong power

The 250 watts high performance motor has higher power density and abundant power. The addition of an intelligent temperature control device can ensure that the operation of the motor is more stable and safe.

Intelligent temperature control device


Vector controller


Maximum speed

Explosion-proof anti-vibration tires, easy to maintain, worry-free riding

The inner support hollow tire tailored for the Ninebot electric scooter Air T15 does not need to be inflated, there is no risk of tire blowout, so that the riding is more worry-free.

Explore more fun from the mobile app

Download the feature-rich “Ninebot Travel App” to experience multiple features. Join the Ninebot family and share your joy with like-minded people.

Scooter information


Cruise control


Remote lock scooter


Ambient light settings


Socail share


What is included in the package


Basic information

Product Name: Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter
Model: Air T15
Net weight: about 10.5kg


Riding requirements

Maximum load: about 100kgs
Applicable age: 14-60 years old
Applicable height: 130-200cm

Main parameters

Maximum speed: about 20km/h
Typical endurance [1]: about 12km
Maximum gradeability: about 15%
Applicable terrain: parks, square communities, most flat roads or ordinary asphalt roads
Working environment temperature: -10℃—40℃
Storage temperature: -10℃—50℃
Protection level: IPX4
Charging time: about 3.5 hours


Maximum charging voltage: 42V⎓
Rated voltage: 36V⎓
Rated energy: 144Wh
Rated capacity: 4000mAh
Charging temperature: 0℃-40℃
Smart BMS: overcharge protection, overheat protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection


Rated power: 250w


Input voltage: 100-240V ~
Output voltage: 42V
Output power: 71W
Output current: 1.7A


Front tire: 7.5 inch inner support rubber tire
Rear tire: 6 inch inner support rubber tire

[1] Typical endurance: measured when fully charged, with a load of 75kg, an ambient temperature of 25°C, and an average speed of 12km/h on a flat road.
* Factors affecting battery life include: speed, number of starts and stops, ambient temperature, etc.